Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Bangkok - temples and girls

 The streets are filled with taxis, motorbikes and tok tok, buses and vans all speeding to make their way. If you wait for them to stop for you, you will never move. There's not many street lights so you have to just start walking/running as if you are invisible. 
I didn't want to try to understand a new train system so I walked two hours, visited various temples and found the grand palace. I spent a lot of money in one day in admissions but they all had something different and amazing to offer. This is pretty much why I am here.

I met many travelers at the hostel; it's nice to speak English to English speaking folks. You can get In To deep conversations and it helped me normalize to this foreign land. When I first arrived I couldn't help think to myself what the heck are u doing here and why for 3.5 months! 

   Walking is great to see the side streets with outside food places, Chinatown, the shops, the homeless animals (mostly cats). The dirty brown river with tree trunks twisted up with roots. My leg still hurts from pulling somthing last week in Tokyo so it's been a challenge and trying to take some afternoons off. 

My hostel was near a popular Hindu temple and it also happened to be the last night of a 9 day festival. So much singing, dancing free food, flowers, and statues and of course people. The night just got hotter and my dress was wet with sweat. I honestly don't know how people are wearing pants. 

The streets are covered with water and you have to deal with having wet feet. Street carts seem to wash their pots on the streets. Carry tissues as you don't even get a nap with your meal. But if u buy a tiny item they are happy to give you a plastic bag for it. 

Meals are like $1.50 but a beer at a resturant is $3. It's all cheap but somehow money goes fast and you can easily get ripped off my taxi if you don't ask them to run the meter. 

 I've hear the nightlife can be crazy here and a candian walked with me through the bar scene wil buch also had many Go go  dancing type places and we were offered numerous times to check out sex shoes and ping pong shows that women demonstrate some skills apparently. 

I also witnessed the older white guys here to be with the young ladies, and groups of ladies were on the streets dressed in same color as if they were in a wedding. 

I am backing pix on google photos and easily can Link to pictures -

And Hindu festival - 

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