Monday, October 17, 2016

Chiang Mai- northern Thai

 I'm a bit behind on these. I spent 3 nights in Chiang Mai northern Thailand. Took an overnight train, Which was an odd sight at first but it was cheap and good. I didn't sleep well (even with some vino) as I kept waking myself up in worry and when the train made stops. 
The night I took the train the king for the past 7 decades passed away, not unexpectedly. Tourists were concerned because the military has tried to take over control as late as 2014. 

There was many policemen at the station but they look more like military so I was a bit worried. An older guy saw me check my phone and said not to worry they are checking for drugs and I'm welcomed here. 

Lots of people are wearing black and are sad. There's black and white sashes on all the walls of the temples.  On Sunday they began mourning and there will be 30 days of something televised about it and some new rules like no public drinking allowed. A traveller told me they will mourn for a full year and in the hippy town Pai the military came in to shut all the bars down the night he died. 
When I got here I took a break from temples and took my first cooking class abroad and only $33 for an all day experience. We pounded our own curry paste, steamed sticky rice, made coconut shrimp soup, stir fry, pad Thai to take home (too full) and a yummy, easy banana and coco milk dessert. Sugar and oil was in almost everything. 

Our chef was super funny and sweet. I miss cooking bday and I hope I can afford to do more of these in other countries. Everything is cheap but money goes way fast. I honestly am trying to keep track of it but not sure where's it going. It just all adds up.

I've been sleeping in cheap hostels. Twice I splurged for my own room. It's so nice to have your own bathroom. I did a dorm cheap hostel here and paid $10 for 3 nights and only had one other person to share it with, which is super rare.  
Last night in Chiang Mai rained all day so got to chill mostly and visited the main temple wat Phra Singh. At first from afar I thought these dudes were real. So funny. I must be loosing it :)-

Then in the evening walked in the packed Sunday night market where you can buy any souvenir you desire. 

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