Sunday, May 5, 2013

May Day and Art Burn!

May is off to an excellent start with my first time ever celebrating May day. I think peeps in Homer just like gatherings so much that we celebrate everything here :) Nice fire by the beach with words shared explaining that we are celebrating the fertility back to mother earth. Makes sense!

Two days later was my work's big fundraising day that I've been working on since March. It all went smoothly with lots of help from volunteers. Amazingly I was not stressed just tired from a long work week. I mad a few changes, additions to promotions, revamped training, and so on.

We did better than last Spring so I am happy with that and happy it went so well overall. It's funny b/c I never wanted to plan major work events and I have 3 a year to plan. But we have so much creative opportunities to grow and try new ideas that makes the whole experience fun and satisfying.

Right after ending the day I headed to the local art gallery that was hosting a cool bon fire on the beach for artists to burn there work. So many people out and about and two beach fires in 1 week. It was pretty seeing the art burn, kinda wished I could make something to burn.

It's kinda funny timing as this notion was done on an individual scale on Northern Exposure season 5, which I love to unwind to at night. But we had fire dancers and ended the evening with great sounds and singing by my roommate Heidijo's performance.

Three days in to May and I already filled up a photo album. Summer is going to be NUTS! stay tuned.

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