Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Birght Lights

In winter, I complained about driving in the pitch darkness and unable to see thee road. Now, I get to complain about driving in the brightness. The sun's glare is so strong and some parts still have snow adding to the bright light affect on my eyeballs. I do not even recognize familiar roads I have driven on. Now I see objects, mainly ancient cars that were hidden by the snow. That bright sun came out of nowhere. It just amazes me. We have now have about 16 hours of daylight.  April has been a chill but sunny month. I am like a reptile when that sun is got, basking in it when possible.

It's funny all the opposites that exists in AK. Homer has more winds by the ocean than cities like Anchoarage and Fairbanks. The good news is the wind deters the mosquitoes. I was puzzled about the fact that AK has so many mosquitoes. But now I think I get it. When all the snow melts, there's a lot of water. And they like still water..

I was told that Homer goes through three 3 stages: ice/snow up, brown up and green up. Right now we are in the brown up phase where we see all of nature's browness. It even smells brown. At first I thought it was all the moose poop, but it's all the wet soil stenching the air. But soon in just a matter of weeks it will all be green. The bare trees will have leaves. Just like how our weather changes drastically in a single day like the mountains, the seasons change with all this added sun light. My basil plants are booming by the window sill and I am loving eating from it.

Just a few nights ago, I had my scariest AK experience to date. On my way driving home at 11pm, sun had just set, so it was dark but not as dark at winter. I thought to myself man u just never know when there will be a moose around here or on the road. Need to go slow so I can stop if I see one on the road. then i see a young moose on the side of the road. ok, they are out, I thought to myself, go slow. two minutes later, a huge moose came darting from the side to the front of my truck, just a few feet a way. I was able to slow down just in time, my purse and bag flew off the seat. Just a reminder to go the speed limit and be extra alert at night. Heart beating fast, I say, holy shit, holy shit. thankfully the moose kept going. i missed him by a few inches. i can't forget the look in his eye. I pulled over to a spot by some mailboxes on the left to slow down my heart and settle back to drive home.

Random side note: I love it when Alaskans refer to the other states as America, like "Back in America" or, "He just got back from America" or "While visiting America..."..I think that's why I ended up here b/c I never identified fully with America. Click here for pix.

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