Saturday, February 2, 2013

January pix and intentional descriptive writing

Well January has come and gone, so it's time for my jammed pack Homer January pix album of pink skies, icy beaches, making mead, and a fun game of twister. Not much to report on personally, so I leave you with this...

I tried my first intentional writing exercise that i found online. Yes, it's dark but not to worry all is well. My energy was a bit down in Jan but that's normal. This exercise was kinda fun and a neat exp. i feel naked sharing this, btw :)

Clutter invades the place I call home. From cups to pens to clothing to electronics. Organized chaos is how I describe it. But internally, it's messier than I wish. Pure darkness through the glass is closer than expected or desired. I see the darkness starring right back into my face, a reflection of the inside out.

On the far right, a slow dull tick tock tick tock pains my ears. One sound, I have always despised, driving me mad when in solitude. There's greenery around to cheer up the mood but they too are slowly fading into the darkness.

I pride myself with a high level of smell and at this moment it has given up on me as well. Perhaps my cold is still playing a role. The smell I miss the most when I close my eyes, is that of the beach; the sea water specifically. I can hear it now with all its roaring might. How i miss to swim in that precious, powerful element.

The constant ringing on my left, a drowning sound that won't quit as it struggles for energy to try to warmth my body. As my cold, dry hands lay on the keyboard, i feel the heavy sore weight upon my shoulders. Sinking deeply into the couch but without comfort. Slowly my feet go numb with socks and slippers on. The touch of coldness further throws my body into the dark. I feel that I have lost control. Hot tub is calling me.

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