Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fur Rondy in Anchorage

What's Fur Rondy? Well, it started as a three day winter fesitval in Anchorage back in the 30s when only 3,000 people lived there! Now, there's over 300,000 residents! My town has about 5,500. With little entertainment back in those days and brutally cold, dark winters, this festival brightened up spirits.

After 70s years, it's national and international known and now has two weeks worth of events.  Fur trade was a huge economic force in AK back then and the fur auction still continues. Yup, lots of fur. People wearing full animals like foxes on their heads. I think now with the advances of technology making great gear (animal free), warmer housing, not having to be outdoors all day doing daily chores, and lovely global warming, the fur could be toned down. But that's my opinion.
For more history info, click here. To see cool pictures including the famed outhouse races and blanket toss (jumping on walrus and seal hide), including a video of me doing that, click here. The blanket toss it is a native tradition and at least one of those lasts a long time and serves hundreds of people vs fur serving one per person.

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