Monday, January 14, 2013

New Digs

As my awesome six weeks winter house sitting gig came to a close on 1/12, I have good news! I moved in with two friends, Heidi Jo and her partner Kevin. Heidi Jo is focusing on her singing/songwriting and piano endeavors. And Kevin works on websites from home but is focusing on writing a few books.

They have an lovely, warm, two bedroom apt by the beach and in town. They wanted to save money while focusing on their creative ventures and I showed up! Also a plus for me, I don't need furniture.

I never lived with a couple before. But we have the same philosophies and respect for people and living space, so this should work out pretty nicely. Definately we have way more in common tthan my previous roommate situation last summer.

In Feb, it will be two years since I left Portland to find my new home. Since then, I have not had my own space for more than six weeks. Since 2010, I have wwoofed, camped, couchsurfed, lived with the rents, lived with Dave, been a nanny, rented a room, and house sat. And in that time frame, the longest, I stayed in one living space was three months, twice.

Man, I can't believe two years has gone by. I am looking forward to having a home for more than three months and being more connected to the space and people. Also starting Monday, I am taking my first creative writing class at the local College. It's good for me personally and professionally. I am excited to be more focused but will miss my social/free time exploring this great town!

Those are the latest big update. Click here for apt pix.

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