Sunday, February 10, 2013

T 200 dog sled race & Winter Carnival (Mardi Gras)

First weekend in February, I attended my first dog sled race with Rick and Dorle. We drove up to the starting line, about an hour north of Homer. There were 700 sled dogs and boy can you hear them. Once they are hooked up, they are super excited and LOUD before take off. They even have to attach a snow machine at the back of the sled to slow them down in the beginning. Crazy. There were 37 competitors. Click here for pictures and now I have video capabilities thanks to my roommate, Kevin gifting me with a mini ipad!

And just this past weekend, Homer had its Mardi Gras and Winter Carnival! Wow, best mardi gras ever. We had a mini parade which I got to participate in. Afterwards, there was a home made brewery contest and I got to judge the Porter Brown category. Best $10 I ever spent.

Then off to Jazzline an awesome dance performance by adults, teens, and youths; variety of music, very talented group. This is such a great place to raise kids, such a smart, creative, and supportive community where kids are encouraged to do their thing. I was pretty shocked and jealous of the bravery. 

Finale, was the ball to with Ray Jen Cajun band. Never seen my local bar so packed. Enjoy the carnival pix and some video, by clicking here.

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