Sunday, March 3, 2013

Homer Feb: ski, write and light

I can't believe in just a few weeks how much daylight we have. Jan was a rough energy month for me. So happy it has  past. Now energy is higher than normal and i am already having a hard time making my bed time of 11pm. so crazy how light effects the body. sunset is at 630 and there's more hours to come! And soon we have daylight savings which is not really needed in AK.
Been busy with reading and writing for my class. I expected it to be difficult, but learning how many challenges writers faces and not sure if this is something I can stick with in the long run. I just do not see myself being able to give more time to it which is so needed....
My goal is to cross country ski at least once a week which is a great workout and nice way to get fresh air here. And soon, I will be able to go after work because of the daylight. I also just tried skate skiing which is more of a work out  and boy can my buns feel it the next day, but I think I prefer cross country for now. Not much else to report Click here for small photo album. 

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