Monday, May 28, 2012

Town, Farmers Market, Kiteboard Fest & More

Even though I am busy, I have the nights to myself, which is a new thing for me.  Alone in my thoughts, my mind tires me. I feel isolated being in this nice, huge place up the hill and 5 miles from town. But then again, I am going to use this alone time to write, and learn, read, research. It’s funny I crave time to do all these things, but then I don’t like being alone and away from communities. Maybe that’s because I was just raised in a city. First week was adjusting but doing much better now!

I’ve been able to get rides from friends and their friends, yoga teachers and farm market peeps, but I feel like I owe something and I don;t have much to give back. I dislike the dependent feeling. I did catch a ride from a couple at the grocery store, so in a way its cool being able to meet new peeps too.

We opened the Farmer’s Market this weekend and we even were interviewed on the public radio. Click here for a listen, I spoke way too fast. I layered up as I was warned about the wind and cold, but my hands and feet still froze even with two wool socks on and liners in my boots. Next time heat pads! I met so many vendors and it was one nice, huge, happy family. 

Afterwards, most of them go to the Brewery, which is close by.  I met the owner, from TX, her and her hubby have been brewing here almost 20 years. You could only buy growlers (1/2 gallon) and drink it outside in the beer garden. Then Robbi, the Market Manager and her dude, Chaz, had a potluck dinner. What a long, fun day/night. I nearly drank my entire growler, whoops!

Nannying has been cool as Tania is super nice and the kids overall behave and play well. The hours are flexible which is nice. I plan to work more while the husband is away and then less when he is back so I can do a few small trips.

Lastly, my friend, Will and I checked out kitefest, baby moose, glacier views, and more all in one day! Click here for pix!

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