Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Big News

Well long story short, I left VT. There’s lots of factors involved that are hard to explain, but I was not adjusting well here and just was not feeling myself. It is sad as Dave and I still care for each other, but we gave it a shot despite the challenges, and think the timing just was not right.

So I am sticking to my original plan from last summer and heading back to lovely Alaska for the summer. This time just one town, Homer. I got a nanny position in a lovely home, 2 miles from downtown, with my own small studio. They live near a woman I want to volunteer with, Sustainable Homer, to work on local food systems.

I just got to NYC as my parents are caring for Honey again.  I take off to AK on May 9. Using my air miles for a one way ticket since I am not sure how long to stay and where to go from there :) I hope to stay till end of Sept. I am nervous and excited. I have Déjà vu as I flew to Homer last year w/ a one-way tix on May 11th within two weeks of making the decision. Pretty strange!

There are many good things about VT and it would have been nice to stay for the summer.  Volunteering at ECHO and substitute teaching has helped me figure out what I want and don’t want for a career. I learned how draining teaching and talking/engaging w/ people all day can be. You always have to be on. And, after volunteering for a day at ShelburneFarms, I was reminded how important and interesting local food systems are in terms of our health and health of our environment. I swear I wish we could change the word “environment” issue to “human” as our survival depends on the “environment”.

Anyway, I hope to be outside and not indoors on the net much; I won't have wifi, but will post updates with great pix.  You can text me, but obviously that does not replace real talk. I have Verizon and weekends are probably best. AK is 4 hrs behind EST and 1 hr behind PST. Click here for some pix of VT from visiting farms, towns, more pottery etc.

Have a great SUMMER! And go to a local farmer’s market, if you got one :)

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