Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Nanny Life & Island Getaway

Wow, taking care of twins is so much more work than I thought. They don't usually sleep at the same time and it’s hard to carry both. They both loved to be held and usually u have to be are standing, which is tiring. I don't know how this mom, Tania, does it. I guess she had practice w/ the other 3 kids, but she said having two babies vs one is so much harder. But I survived my first nanny week.

I’ve already visited the only Homer winery, one of the few in AK, right at the bottom of our hill. They import all the grapes but make tons of combos to include many AK berries: rhubarb, berry, strawberry, and more. Next on my list to visit it the meadery and brewery.

This past weekend I stayed with my adopted wwoofer family, Rick & Dorle, from last year and their wwoofer Jeff. It was great to catch and visit their magical place. It’s so nice to be so welcomed. They are older than my parents, but we just have so much to talk about. We had a birthday party for Rick’s son, Ben who is now 30. He visited with his fam so we had a nice, small fun party. We even got to sauna at the neighbors which is always a lovely treat!

On the transportation update, I looked into a small motor scooter only 50cc. I always thought I wanted one to get around town easily. I test drove it and it was scary. The turns are hard and I just felt so unsafe. It can only go up 35 and some parts of my road is 45. I did not even like being at 15. The bikes I thought I could borrow are way to big for me. There’s no used bikes on craiglist here. So for now it’s about an hour walk to my volunteer gig and 1hr 45 mins to town. I’ve been able to organize rides and run in to people in town to get a ride. Hitchin is also a safe option. Everyone knows everyone, which is a good or bad thing at times. Click here for some pix.

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