Sunday, July 6, 2014

Bear Viewing Katmai NP 6-14

Using facebook for quick updates and pix and winding down from blogging. Will use this for bigger trips since everyday seems to be an adventure in AK and it's hard to keep up with it all.

Last weekend I got to go bear viewing in Katmai National Park. They actually had a visiting center and cabins to rent. There' were bridges, and platforms to walk about a mile to get to the bears that were catching fish by the stream.

Salmon just came in so it's not busy yet. But we got a few good shots. And a mama and her cub stuck around by our platform. Apparently mama's need to watch out for their cubs as male bears could attack and eat them if they wish. She had 3 cubs and it's not common for all of them to make it. Its also hard for her to fish while there's so many others out there.

I could not believe they also allow people to fly fish in the river by the bears. That is crazy....Anyway, here are some shots. A few are really awesome and it was a clear day for 1.5 hrs trip out there which was great to see the beautiful mountains! click here

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