Thursday, May 29, 2014

Kaying, Paddle Board, Eagles in Meat Homer & Green Kodiak

Summer is here and I can;t keep up. Roads are full of cars now :( Before it got to crazy, I managed to go across the bay to kayak and visit Rick & Dorle. I needed the break after a crazy April work month.

 I slept in till 9:30 and did not think of woke as soon as I woke up! Before I was waking up at 5ish am but now I am more adjusted to our long daylight days. Still going to bed around midnight. Just too much to do.....

I also went paddle boarding in a new spot before Jim's worked picked up. I do enjoy it more than kayaking as it is more open and closer to nature. I even looked at prices but where the heck am I going to store that thing.

We had such a warm month and also a huge wildfires nearby going on 10 days now. 650 firefighters working on it and it's destroying a Wildlife Refuge Reserve. Click here if you wish to know more.

Memorial weekend I went to the King Crab Festival in beautiful Kodiak. Known for brown bears, fish and rain. Hope to go back in the fall via ferry!

Paddle board and eagles eating mystery meat on the beach pix click here.

Kayaking in Tutka Bay and barnacles eating underwater video clip, click here.

Emerald Green City of Alaska - Kodiak. Click here for crab festival and stunning new AK views. 

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