Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Walking Berlin 7-14

Bikes rule the roads and sidewalks here. When walking be sure not to be on their path and always look before turning and crossing. And pedestrians seem to really obey the lights when crossing the streets.

Women have sleeve tats, party on is the theme everywhere and then trash the parks. Lots of huge boats on the river blasting tencho music in midday packed with drinkers. I like it when you go to the supermarket to buy a beer and they ask if you want it opened. Berlin is one huge beer garden :) 
Rather than recycling, many people leave the bottles on the grounds so others will pick it up to take it in for cash. It pains me to see fellow human beings be so careless, disrespectful and unappreciative of the living being, "Earth" that allows us to live.

After WWII Turkish immigrated to Berlin. More Turkish shops that German. Kind of ironic that they now dominate an area that was once all about the white race. The clothing here for Germans seem to be 80s still and colorful, women wearing nice dresses and sandals during the day; but at least there's no hipsters.

Berlin airport is confusing, lot of small shops mixed with the airlines. You find your airline, drop off your bag, go to the gate and immediately there is a security check. So each gate has their own security point makeing it way more efficient time wise.

Click here for Berlin pix and here for here for Baltic sea trip pix.

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