Monday, September 30, 2013

Quick Fall

Seems like fall came and went already. We had sunnier days  this month than in August and not as much rain, I think. But the air is crisp. I had to start scraping frost off my windshield!  Sadly, I have not hiked much this month as I hoped. 

It's pretty funny I never imagined life would be so busy in Alaska. But in a way when you know half the town and most are creative and motivated beings, surrounded by so much beauty and space, it's easy to get lost in time. Not to mention working for a nonprofit that is all about community can keep one pretty pretty pretty busy :)
I learned what it was like to be a single mom for a week while caring for a friends two kids. Great kids but wow I missed my alone/free time. Not sure how a single parent work and care for their little one(s). The cat kept me up lots of nights so that was the worst of it. I also learned never have a schedule with kids, it won't stick.

We went across the bay and picked raspberries then late attending a naked goddess clothing exchange party. The best shopping ever. It's so odd how much free stuff there is here. Food from my farming friends, fish from people with boats, and all sorts of clothing and winter gear from friends and even strangers at times. And this town is hands down the best potlucks ever.

Click here for some colorful pix! Happy Fall!

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