Sunday, October 20, 2013

Brother's Wedding in PA

So my younger and only brother got married last weekend in Gettysburg, PA. Him and Tiffany have been together for years and live in Philly. I flew in to NYC and drove with my parents and cousins for 7 hrs! Should have been a 3.5 hr drive but tons of traffic and floods on the highways as it was raining nonstop. I could not believe how the rain created such issues, car crashes and so on.

The next day luckily no rain. It was cloudy but temperate. Very pretty fall colors. It was my first outdoor wedding, which I much prefer, but still had some Christian stuff to it. Everyone had a great time. I got to see some of my old friends and met alot of my brother's friends. We don't have much family in the US. But a cousin from Australia came with his wife. Also my little Honey attended and she was a hit as everyone can't help but love her.

I got to tour Gettysburg briefly. The Military NP was closed b/c of the shutdown but still ventured a bit around the park trails. It was also Gettysburg 150th anniversary. After two nights, we headed to Honesdale, PA where my parents have a house and most of my stuff is stored. So i to sort through it. I can't believe how much stuff I still have. I so try hard not to buy anything as it just sickens me how many things I have. Got rid of some stuff and some will be useful in AK and some will stay in NYC b/c I can't imagine wearing platforms in AK.

People keep asking me, will I ever return to NYC or how long will I stay in AK. All I can say for now is that I have been at my wonderful job for a full year and that along with the people in Homer and the spirit in AK will keep me there for at least another two years if not more. Even if I despise winter in AK, I really can't imagine living anywhere else. But never say never and I know that I can't plan out my life.

Click here for some Gettysburg and wedding pix.

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