Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Xmas to New Years: Snow and Food!

I am not a huge fan of shopping these days, but buying from someone you know, like, trust, and respect is a feeling worth buying for :) I am amazed how every single friend in Homer has such amazing and eclectic talents. And I am also happy to have been given such thoughtful, practical home made gifts from jam to tea to laundry detergent! Thank u!

And finally I went inside our 1 movie theatre in town to see the Hobbit in 3D. What an experience. First, the commercials were all local: the animal shelter with a cat eating popcorn, and a band's kick starter video campaign played a few times.

We were told that in AK 3D glasses (the nice plastic kind) were not recycled and homer theatre does not ship it down to recycle. so we should keep them and bring back to reuse. I was surprised how much info and detail it went into. But wonder if there's a better solution. 

I also noticed a tall man in rubber waders and some people brought their own bowls for popcorn which is a neat idea. I was also surprised how warm it got, I almost wanted to take off my jeans and just wear my long johns. I think that would have been ok and its nice to get comfy when watching a long movie. One reason I hardly ever go to the movies is i prefer the comforts at home. But what a great movie!

Anyway, click here to see what an Alaskan lady gets for xmas and lots of shots of pretty snow, food, and amazing food art. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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