Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Beginning of Dec in Homer

December is going by quickly. I am pretty busy at work and all is well there. We started the month colder than usual with single digits for a week straight and a bit cloudier than Nov. 
No auras yet for me. It seems when there's good activity, we either have a full moon or clouds that night.  It also does not help that I am southern facing and in town. 
And when the moon is full here boy is it bright. I have never noticed it before when living in the city. Just the other night, I was woken up by the moon. At first I thought a bright light turned on outside then looked out and up and there it was. Pretty unreal....
I have been having car battery issues, long story (even with a brand new battery), but I am learning a lot about cars and hopefully the mechanic figured the issue.  I thought I would get more writing done here in winter, but its just as busy as summer. We made it through solstice and now the days are getting longer, slowly!  
I started a Dec album and its getting full so here it is. I will post xmas-new years separately next week. Enjoy! And in just 3 days we got about 2-3 ft of snow. Pix of that coming soon... Rose

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