Saturday, December 8, 2012

Being Green in AK - It's an Awesome Feeling!

As an environmental "human" conscious being, living in AK has been a fun experience. Because you pay for the water, no matter where you live here (unless you have a well), you really come up with ways to catch and re-use it.

I now shower with a huge pot to catch the cold water before it turns warm. I then use that to water the plants or even boil for tea. Also catch running water in the kitchen sink while doing dishes to reuse for the other dirty dishes.  Or have a small bowl of water quickly rinse my hands constantly while cooking or wash veggies in all together vs washing veggies under running water.

Also, I am finally set up to compost and even set a small one up at work. I actually have friends that need it for their soil. There's such a need here; its sad we have not set up a system that could work for all to compost and farmers to collect. Its so darn easy and feel so darn good not wasting good stuff.  Homer has banned plastic bags from stores starting Jan. It's a small start that we ALL should TAKE! There's no need to wait for law and gov't to slowly enforce these small, easy behavior changes that we so badly need to do ASAP!
I started making my own kambucha! It's a raw food antioxidant, high in Vitamin Bs including B12 and a probiotic. All good stuff for you and tasty and now making it instead of buying it at $4 a small bottle. Thanks Robbi!

I've also started appreciating mason jars and need to start collecting some. It was popular in PDX but it is much more in demand up here. It's handy for just about everything especially in the kitchen. I would never have imagined in my wildest dreams that this is my life and this is what excites me. I can just vision all my NYC friends shaking their heads in disbelief.

Every day at least once, when I walk outside I say either "wow" or beautiful". I know some of my fellow friends don't understand my living in Alaska. And you can't, until you experience this amazing feeling this place gives you for yourself! I am making a December album and will share it at the end of the month. I posted a few of those pix here but no album link yet.

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