Thursday, October 25, 2012

Job and Fun in Homer 10-12

It's great for me to be out and about with friends as I am reminded of why I stayed in Homer. Yes, its pretty here, but the community is also kick-ass. I find myself relating to people of all ages, as usual, but in Homer most of my friends tend to be older than my parents. Young at heart, full of life, energy, smiles, dancing, making things, its hard for me to keep up! check out this fun 56th bday party pix album.

In other news, I was offered a full time job as Development Director with KBBI, the local public radio station. There's two major fund drives to manage as well as the 2 day Concert on the Lawn event in July. Oh and there's also underwritting contracts to initiate with local businesses. Yeah, leave it to me to find an office job in Alaska. But there's lots of community networking involved which I love. And yes, my voice at times will be on the air, which I have not done since college days.

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