Sunday, November 4, 2012

First AK Snow

I most likely will keep the blog posts short and do 1x a week or 2, unless there's something new and awesome to share. But I will continue sharing pix via the blog. And I have a feeling there will be some cool, winter albums created this year.

I am still scared of winter as I am cold now and its Fall. I hear everyone's first winter AK is a fun experience. I also heard from various people and sources that this will be another unsually cold, snowy winter like last year. yeah me!

But I am also excited to see the sky. It's just so beautiful here. It was a nice surprise in summer. I had my first AK snow experience. I realize NY had cold, snowy winters, but I left in 2006. PDX is a milder, less snowy climate and I never liked the cold/snow in NYC :) But so far so good and I have so many people here looking out for me, I am very lucky to have various support. Here's a link to my first snow AK album.

I'd like to add a note to my New Yorkers: I have no clue what its like there but I see pix and posts and have a long distance connection to it. It's so strange seeing and hearing the stories and not seeing this on my own in my hometown. I know things will get better and its a difficult time as there's so many variables that turned upside town. I heard there's lots of good going on and people bonding. I only hope that will last long after the disaster. Community is key for us to survive and I think there's a lot of good personal lessons being learned from this chaos. Be well!

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