Thursday, June 21, 2012

Alaska Times

Alaska is amazing but it is not easy to be here. People  worry about plumbing, water, and heat expense for their housing. There’s hardly natural gas at least in Homer and many people either live in a dry cabin (no running water) or pay to have water hauled to their house. Lot of peeps also burn wood in winter for warmth, but that’s a resource thinning out here as tons of trees were killed by the beetles. 

There are lots of retired people here and some only summer here while wintering in Mexico or Hawaii. So some people do have the finances to have it all. Speaking of housing, I am a nanny till mid July and found my own room to rent. I will be looking for another part time job. More on this later on..

I love listening to people’s story. One guy tells me he has to snowmobile to his house in winter. I can’t imagine it. There are so many characters, all telling an interesting story on how they got up here and what they’ve done for work. There’s no way I can write them down here in a quick summary. Everyone is unique, friendly, and talented. The people are truly one of the biggest draws for me here.  I have made friends in this cool community.  It’s actually overwhelming. I think the winter and hardships is what ties the community in a way. Homer is a bit rainy and cooler b/c we are by the sea. It stays at about mid 50s in summer. I feel like I am missing summer, so there's trade off for sure to being here.

I visited a friend in Anchorage and it was nice to escape, but that 5 hr drive is just too much for me and its nice to be back in Homer. Click here for pix.

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