Friday, July 6, 2012

Kenai National Wildlife Refuge

In recent news, my nanny gig ended and I rented a room from a young man, Barrett, who owns his house. It was the only month to month option.  His mom vends at the market s he ended up not being a complete stranger. So far so good except he does not recycle, so I am setting that up and he does not do dishes right away. It’s closer to town with running water and wash/dryer, but rent is more than I make.  I’m looking for another p/t job.It's tricky b/c who wants to work all summer in great AK!

Tues night, I headed to Kenai National Wildlife Refuge; what a secret gem this place is. Hardly anyone was camping and many of the campsites are free. We did 3 hiking trails and only saw a couple on one of the trails. This is during 4th of July. It was so great to camp and be with nature for 3 whole nights. And it was only 2ish hours away.

One trick I learned from being on the road last year is to check out empty campsites for firewood. Some people do leave it behind; we scored 5 nice pieces. Great trip but we forget to bring chairs! One lovely idea I had is for campsites to have a communal hot tub (wooden of course) and/or sauna. In AK these two items are popular but very different than the version we have in the L48 (short for Lower 48 that I made up). 

I'm grateful for the wonderful friends that I have been making here and people w/ cars giving me rides and going out and about with me! Click here for more pix. 

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