Thursday, January 19, 2012

Caribbean and Update

Dave and I had 2 free nights before his next work thing, so we headed to the Caribbean side. Dave has not been there in 15 years and I have yet to make it there. It's known for humidity and rain. It was hot and the water was a bit choppy but we lucked out w/ rain only in the am and at night. After Dave's presentation in San Jose, he headed back to the States on Wed.

So what's next for me? Well a few things have developed over the past few weeks that answered a big question that arose before I started my adventure back in Feb. Where will I end up? Well, Dave's home in Vermont will be my new home!

We've been friends for over a year and the past few months we've grown closer and we want to be together. This took us both by surprise at first, a pleasant one. Dave has a good job and a house, so it makes sense that I move there. Yes, it is cold and yes I wanted to do the AK/HI thing. But VT has some pros (it kinda like a hybrid b/w Asheville, NC & Portland):
- Very environmental friendly w/ lots of nonprofits
- Beautiful nature, hiking, lake, scenery
- Cool, small community with good beers

Last Monday, I also decided to head back to the States earlier, Jan 19th (today) rather than Feb 9th for a few reasons. I've explored CR a ton and I am ready to start a new life and career. Next week I start volunteering as an Education Interpreter w/ ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center, which I am very excited about. It's been difficult to gain real experience from volunteering abroad when you do not speak the language and only have a few weeks.

So I won't be posting as much and sharing awesome photos. I will, of course, take mini trips and go continue to go abroad and blog about them. In the meantime,  I'll post any big life updates, in case people are curious.

2011 was a wonderful life experience and 2012 is off to a great start. I'm very fortunate and grateful and can only hope others can follow their dreams and passions (motivation is key and support is helpful/comforting).
Thanks for your friendship and support! 
xoxo Rose
P.S. Click here for the small pix album.

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