Friday, August 15, 2014

Swiss: Zurich, Lucerne, Hergswil & Rhine Falls August 2014

After visiting Gozo/Malta, I had to take a flight to somewhere in Europe to then fly back to Anchorage. So I choose Zurich, Switzerland. I've been to Berne and Interlaken many years and Swizz is just beautiful. Last minute, I decided to take a train one hour to Lucerne and spent two nights in a small town nearby. Then spent two more nights in Zurich. A bit of techno dancing, which I am afraid will be my last as Alaska just does not have many music options.

Yes, Swiss is expensive, many people asked why did I come. But I managed well without eating out and staying with couchsurfers, which is not just about saving money. It was nice to have someone to talk t and even go out with at night or a day trip. I was looking forward to traveling solo as I had an awesome time doing that in Alaska. But what I realized was solo traveling works well when you are properly backpacking. I was just stopping by cities for a few nights, which is not backpacking.

I learned that in Swiss every male has to do service with their army. Usually a few weeks a year for many many years. One guy decided to just get it over with and is doing it a year straight. This puzzled me because Swiss is neutral, so why is their any army? Well, they really do more like community service work, body guarding/patrolling major events, which there are many in Swiss.

In Zurich, I met up with many expats from different countries and it was so neat we were all speaking English very well. I even met a German chick whose name is Sonia and middle name is RoseMary. My first name is MaryRose and middle is Sonia. Too funny...

I've been in Alaska 5 days now. Took me a few nights to get my sleep schedule back on track. Its high 5os, cloudy and rainy all week. Why did I leave Gozo? Been thinking a  lot about my future down the road and its fun to see what will happen next. I love Alaska still, not only is it beauitful but the people are amazing. Right away I got greens and squash from a friend's garden and muscles a friend harvested. I went berry picking and tried to fish a bit but no luck. Its so alive here and free space to breathe and think and enjoy.

So I organized my pix in a few albums:
Cute Lucerne, click here pix of walls/towers, small streets and lakes.

Cute small country town I stayed near Lucerne, click here for pix of green view and glass maze.

A day in Zurich, click here  . 

Rhine water falls near Zurich pix, click here.

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