Thursday, August 7, 2014

Gozo & Malta Part 2: 7-14

Malta has been in the EU for about 10 years and with that there's been many changes that I am sure they did no expect. One friend told me he noticed changes in just one year...

Some changes include being a refuge area and now living with non-Catholics. There was even a mosque! There's also a lot more policing even during the day, I seem them patrolling. EU has funded to improve the bus, parks, historical sites, and roads. I saw a lot of solar panels on roof tops.

And, I was told that a ton of teenage foreigners come to Malta to learn English but they just end up partying way hard and getting in to major trouble. It's insane that Malta has become so full with foreigners and changing too quickly.

The cars have a terrible exhaust and does not seem regulated. When you drive with the window down, there's either that lovely smell, the animals in the field smell and/or the dust. I always cough when I am here. Its amazing the air is not like LA...

We have such beautiful beaches and now with garbage cans, but yet I still see so much waste on the beach and in the water. I started picking up the plastic caps, bottles, snack bags, etc. It really upset me after a few days of seeing this everywhere. And so many people smoke in Europe and just toss the butts right on the beach. It blew my mind. They have no idea what harm they are causing. The beaches are way overcrowded, but I guess that is everywhere since we have too many people on this planet....

Visiting home is not just sun and beach for us even though that is most of my pix. There's a ton of family to try to see and it is difficult to catch up or even communicate after not seeing them for 5 years and not knowing some as well as others.

There's a lot of memories and history too from when we tried to move here when I was 12, which was a difficult transition for me. We shipped all of our toys and stuff so they still remain here. I love looking through the old photos and reading old letters, like from my dad 23 years ago. God, I am getting old if I can say that many years ago :)

For my parents visiting is really not all fun and games because they have the old house to deal with. Repairing the washer, the backyard roof, redoing electrical work and taking care of leaks and mice. Also our old car have them a lot of trouble and was only repaired the last few days of their stay, so they could not do too many errands.

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