Monday, April 28, 2014

Easter Paddle Boarding Fun & White King Fishing April 2014

On Easter, I went paddle boarding with Jim who got me into this new activity. It's only my second time but now its my new fav sport, more so than kayaking.

I feel more free and connected with the water even though I am so terrified of falling in to the beautiful cold ocean. You can see more since you are standing and really see in the water.

It's easier to get around and though maintaining a stable stance is a lil tough, it nice to be able to get down and rest when needed. I wish the board was not so expensive. Not like I have space for that.

And then other night  I caught another king, this time a white king, which is said to be the best of the best salmon you can get and not an every day experience. YAY.

Click here for sweet paddle board pix and here for a cool hiking trails by Anchorage and epic fishing pix.

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