Monday, April 14, 2014

Beach Weather and Slush Cup in Girdwood

Been walking more than skiing these days. Ski season is done and it was lame. But luckily there's an awesome beach here and lots of events. Went on an epic long beach walk, almost got stuck with the tides and found a bunch of crazy random crap to "surf" on :)

Sunsets about 9:15 now and rises around. Amazing how much we have gained in a month, and some days its 6 mins. Summer is just around the corner, you can already see more cars on the streets and boats in the water.

I also went up to Girdwood, cute like ski town, 4 hrs up. Its a nice scenic route that takes you up to Anchorage an beyond.  Last summer was my last drive up as I prefer to fly the 40 mins. Drive is beautiful just need the time and winter can be scary.

Girdwood hosted its 27th Slush Cup, wear people dress up and try to jump over a pool of water. Most people fail and sink, usually skis pop right off. There were some cute customs like Cave Woman and super heros.

Click here for some more beach and odd shots
And here for Slush Cup Girdwood.

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