Thursday, March 27, 2014

Winter Fishing and Boating

My friend, Jim, has a boat and is a water taxi guy. Actually met last year on my bday when he was my taxi driver to the yurt solo getaway weekend. He wanted to make a trip across the bay to a Seldovia to network as not many taxis go out there.

 The water got choppy so we did not make it to town, but we went to a more protected area to try fishing via trolling. My first time winter fishing. Two hours went by, the warm sun drained me through the window as I watched the rods to see it go down when we get a bite. I think i passed out for a few mins. it was so warm and cozy.

Jim yells "Fish on". We jumped up and ran out. What do we do now, I screamed. Grab the rod and jerk it to release it..... from the rigger. Did it and then the fish swam like nuts. Keep the pole up, line tight. let out some line if the fish starts to pull.

Oops, fish went under the boat. Oops he got tangled with the other line in the water. He was hooked on well so we did not loose him but we did not know that yet. Jim grabbed the net and i brought in the king salmon.

Boy what a rush. so exciting and so much involved before, during and after. we went back home and Jim filleted it on the boat in the harbor and we split our winnings. Everyone says king is the best and fresh king is divine. So lucky i am.

Weekend next, we made it to Seldovia in the snow. Had some beers at the one bar, talked to some locals which was actually good for me for my work as we reach out there. Tried fishing but was not pleasant with the cold and waves.

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