Sunday, March 16, 2014

Film Jam & African Drummin

I went to my first film jam event and was not sure what to expect. Yes, lots of old school film clips. 3 running at the same time. Sometimes in their own space on the wall and sometimes bringing them together and overlapping.

Lots of clips: from a 70s school bus safety one to bears fighting, to seeing a fish hatch in a fish hatchery which seems they are always in a form of prison. that was hard to watch. no blood, but seeing their life in captitvity and crammed. very unnatural but that is how we are able to sustain the billions of mouths on this planet...

there was also yoga in art. An awesome yogi here mediated before us while sounds and color covered her. it was very trippy and cool. sounded a bit new age but still new cool to be in the room and see this first hand. I have pix and a video but its not the same.

There was also of course Kammi doing her LED hooping to West African live drumming. There's been an artist in residence here for 3 weeks offering free drumming workshops 3 nights a week that I have been able to attend. This was all thanks to our lovely art gallery one block away from my place!

Awe so much going on here and it's still "winter" time. I worry how crazy summer will get, work is already in full busy mode. Click here for pix and clips of the drumming and film jam

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