Saturday, November 2, 2013

Homer October & Halloween 2013

Well I spent about 2.5 weeks in Homer in October and managed to cover a lot. Great sunsets and sunrises. I am still chasing the sun with my camera. Halloween was fun, pretty much a week-long party. It's my fav time and happy so many people dress up here. Wish it was halloween everyday so I can wear my high monster boots w/o strange looks :) oh well.

People said its been a warm fall, no snow yet! It's been rainy here which keeps it warm so I have not been outdoors much or hiking. I started yoga on Staurdays though so thats good and a real workout too. Lots of breathing stuff which i am not so good at.

Also started "working out" again at the circuit training and will go 2-3x a week. Oh and been drinking green smoothies with either kale or spinach, water and fruit. so yummy. Helps with energy and b/c it is blended u can better digest it. Super healthy and easy to do too!

The past 2 weeks been waking up at 6:33am (an hr before my alarm) even in the pitch black with stars out till weird but better than struggling to wake up!

Happy Halloween! Click here for pix.

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