Friday, November 22, 2013

Homer Fashion Show

Homer has a neat art gallery that hosts a bunch of fun event like last year's Edible Arts new years (people made art out of food and then we ate it after voting in categories) and May's art burn beach party were artists burnt an item they created.

Last weekend they hosted their 30th Wearable Arts Fashion Show. Tons of creative peeps submitted a variety of clothing, jewelery and accessories that they made. I so wish I knew how to make something just to be apart of this wonderful community.

There was a call for models, half of them I knew. I could not dare being on the stage to "perform" and of course I wanted to snap some shots. It was so fun to see my friends sport these awesome designs. Many of them were very Homer and Alaskan themed.

The after party at our own small "night club" was a blast. I danced till 3am and was not drunk. As most of u know I don't dance and no metal or good techno was played, sadly....

Thank u Homer residents for keeping this place special! Click here for pix.

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