Thursday, November 10, 2016

Bagan - ancient romantic city of pagados

 We took another 7 hrs bus from Yangon to Bagan, their old Capital, with 2,000 pagados remaining from 10,000. The bus played a dvd with random Asian chicks covering romantic songs in their lingo. Then they played a violent British old mob  movie. So strange cuz this was a local bus with children on board. I couldn't event watch it. 

Finding your bus and being on the bus is harder than  back home. It's like every simple task is a real mission and that's my new job now - to just make it to the next place. I spend so much time reading hostel reviews, looking at maps, comparing prices. It takes an hour to book a place after all that research. It just wears on you u after a while. 
How the hell did I do this 20 years ago, even 15 years ago before I had an iPhone. I so date myself while I talk about my past travels with the younger travelers I meet now. iPhone traveling is such a new and amazing handy tool for me. I left my phone chord last night and I worried so much about that on top of the trump news, I couldn't sleep. 

The phone does it all for me. At least I have my phone but I can't even find floss here, so I thought this might be difficult. Luckily It was not difficult. Shellie departed today to carry on with her schedule. Very sad but happy for the times we had. And I connected with two Dutch girls and we are on the same route to Kalaw and then Inle lake. 

Biking to the old pagados, working on the tan and doing an activity besides walking was such an awesome experience. Felt like I was somewhere in France for some strange reason. Pretty romantic but tiring in the strong sun. When we stopped to look at the map, I started sweating instantly. When we biked the breeze was a relief. 

Dhammayangyi Pahto,  a red brick temple, is the largest one and only built In 3 years starting in 1137. We learned it's rare to have two Buddhas side by side and this is the only one here. Bagan is known for earthquakes and they constantly have to repair these ancient structures. They didn't do the repairs like the oringials so the world heritage org rejected this magical place. 
Ananda Pahto temple was built by 1105. Our first temple in bagan. Super busy and popular,  we were heavily approached by the vendors. We went to another one that was on The map but not mentioned In the book. It truly felt abandoned. No noise. Lots of beauty. I even got to pee for free in the bushes! My kind of place. 

Ive seen ruins and temples in turkey and SE Asia but this was such a different atmosphere that we've seen so far on our SE Asia tour.  You could rent an e-bike (one step down from a moped) for cheap. They go slow and seem ok but we played it safe. 
We did a sunset on a pagado, on the way back it was super hard to avoid the huge puddles and mud. We got a free mud feet bath though. What a day!

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