Friday, February 28, 2014

Homer Feb Ski and Sunsets

Its been a mild time in AK. My second winter here and I have not escaped yet for a warm vacation break during our dark winters. I was thinking to flee to Hawaii but I just did not feel a need to and now I am glad I did not.

Winters will always continue to be dark especially late December through mid Feb. and I dont think I will ever adjust to that. But it is not as cold as I had thought it would be. And now the sun is setting at 6;30 and I am going to work in daylight. Such a great feeling to wake up and see!

Feb. flew by and I am so screwed up b/c since January, its has felt like spring was around the corner. Last summer it was amazingly warm. I am so curious what this summer will bring us. 
Not much news to report otherwise. Have not gotten to do all the winter goals I had like ice fishing or ski during night of a full moon and still have yet to see the northern lights see I face south and I am in town, but can't have it all and that's what next winter is for :)

Click here for snow and AMAZING sunset pix.

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