Saturday, January 4, 2014

December Shots and farewell 2013

Well December and 2013 is done. I am much better but not 100%. Been 2 weeks now! A cough lingers. Taking it easy, have not worked out in 2 weeks, no skiing, no late night weekends.

I am back at work and had a difficult time getting back to a normal sleep schedule and waking up before 8am in the darkness. But each day we gain a few mins of day light!
While the east coast got cold and got snow, the last few days is high 30s and rain. This translates to ice everywhere! We do not use salt. People describe driveways as glaciers!

If/when I get my own place, my driveway will be flat. The hilly ones are covered in ice and its scary to walk on, even with my awesome cleats! Oh and a garage would be so lovely. So many houses here do not have garages.

The whole town got sick except my roomies, so it's been quiet. A nice yet strange pace. We all hope for some snow and 20 deg weather to play outside. Been inside way too much. Here's an album of December randomness, some ocean and sun shots and my art project. Enjoy and Happy New Year!

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