Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Kayak, Clamming & Berries

My schedule is filling up a little as a have a temp job at a cool local, art gallery on the infamous Spit. Working random days 11-7, so I will be volunteering a little less the next few weeks.  Before that started, I went across the Bay again to visit my friends. This is my 3rd time across and I am pretty lucky for that. Many locals want to go but summer work is just too busy. I struggle to find the balance of work and fun in the long run in AK.

I spent 3 nights, got to see and assist w/ fishing, met 2 more woofers, kayaked, and take a sauna. Back on the Homer side, I finally went clamming. We did not catch clams, but grabbed some mussels. And also tried to make berry jam.

The Farmers Market job is till the end of Sept. After that I honestly do not know what I am doing. At times, I like the idea of staying here b/c it will be a winter like none other. The community is great and I feel winter has something to do with it. Yes, it will be cold and dark. I would like to get a car and do not know much about living in such coldness. I probably need better gloves too. You need to go outside during the day to get some light on you. Daylight is 4-5 hrs starting at 10am :( But I need to get a job to pay rent. As I look for work that interests me, its pretty limited in a small town that people love to live in. So do I just get any job to stay here?

AK is not an easy place to work or live. Its more expensive here and I am finding the pay just does not cut it. Also for friends with office jobs and benefits, you are lucky to be offered health insurance but you have to pay for that at times too. Most of my friends run their own biz and almost everyone I know of all ages do not have health insurance. Its like double the cost here!

I've been thinking about going back to nyc as its the cheapest place for me to live. Get a job and start saving again. OR do I finally got HI and see what's its like to live there? Jobs are even harder to find. It's funny that I love the two most expensive states in the US. Or do I finally do my SE Asia trip. Its cheap to travel there once there and its perfect timing. But I have not done any of the medical prep for it. I know poor me with lots of great options. I battle with going with logic or with what excites me. The thing that is exciting is also a little nerve-wrecking b/c its unknown.

Well hope to find the answer in a few weeks. I can't believe its almost Sept and time for me to decide! In the meantime, click here for some pix.

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