Friday, November 19, 2010

Going Up?

In mid-November, I took an intro to rock climbing class at the Portland Rock gym, which is a few blocks from home. I wanted to test myself and know so many people who do this. It was only $50 and you get to come to the gym for a week. We learned how to tie knots, safety of it all, how to belay someone when they are coming down, etc. I was the first to try in my class. I made it mid-way through and then did the silly thing of looking down. I am not usually afraid of heights but even with a harness and ropes, I got a little scared. It was scarier than tree climbing b/c there's no branches and leaves to hide the ground. I asked to come down, which is definitely the fun part of climbing.

On my third attempt, I made it to the top, barely. Mid-way, I needed a break as my fingers were in pain from gripping so tight. Your hands also get clammy, which is not comfortable and makes it hard to climb. It's also exhausting so it's nice to take a break and chill in the air while you friend holds you up with the rope system. My friend Jason encouraged me to continue up. It seemed so impossible and I can't figure out why we put ourselves in these crazy physical challenges. I looked up to figure out a good route and pushed through. It's definitely a physical and mental challenge and fun to try out. I love to try lots of new activities as you will soon read, but I don't think this will be the hobby I commit too :)

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